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Morrigan Wings Tutorial

How did I make my wings?

It's a secret and I will never tell.

Just kidding. It's a lot of hand stitching.

And hula hoops! I bought hula hoops at the dollar store to use for my wings' skeletal structure.

First, I cut the hula hoops to the right shapes and used my stove's heat to bend the cheap plastic. Then, I taped the pieces together with Gorilla tape. That stuff is really hard to remove, so make sure the pieces are in the right place.

Next, I cut foam to the same length of the humerus/radius (forearm).

I never said these wings were particularly anatomically correct. I mean, they're attached at the hips for some reason. Also head wings, just because.

I hand stitched the foam around the hula hoop. In this photo, you can see that I had to stitch around the "fingers." Seriously, I have no idea what to call these wing-parts.

Here, have a chart.

The blue lines in my photo indicate stitches.

Here's a photo showing the foam sewed to the forearm of the wing.

You can also see the ends of the hula hoop pieces which I covered in air-dry clay (white) to form points.

Also shown here is the secret to keeping the wings up - an aluminum rod. I was able to bend this rod with my own strength and it was still sturdy enough to keep the wings up and didn't bend over time.

Then, I hand-stitched fabric to cover the foam.

After this, I sewed the same fabric into tubes and pulled them onto the finger bones.

Craft foam! I love craft foam. So lightweight.

I sewed the purple fabric directly to the craft foam to form the skin between the bones.

To attach the craft foam to the wing bones, I used super glue.

The foam adhered to the fabric I used (nylon) perfectly, but this won't work for all fabrics.

Here's a photo showing the pieces coming together.

The blue lines are hand-stitching and red lines are super glue.

I glued the craft foam "skin" over the stitches to hide them.

The fabric end was hidden by more Gorilla tape. This isn't the cleanest way to finish this, but the tape was hidden in my corset pocket, so I didn't really care.

The spikes were made out of craft foam formed into a cone, then covered in plaster and painted.

They were attached to the fabric around the foam using super glue.

A photo showing my corset's pockets.

This is where the aluminum rod inside the hula hoop fit. I was able to put in and remove my wings on my own (although help made it easier).


  • The craft foam "skin" will bend and cause wrinkles in your fabric. To stretch out the skin, heat it with a hair dryer and lay it flat!
  • Storing the wings is difficult, and shipping them is worse. If you travel with the wings, check them as baggage at the airport. It makes a $200 difference.