Kawaii Besu Ne?
かわいいベスね? かわいいベスね?


Morrigan Aensland Cosplay Kawaii Besu

Costume Description

This cosplay was my first time making a corset and first time making wings and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Costume Details

  • Hours: ~40
  • Worn at: Wondercon 2015, Midwest Media Expo 2015

Fun Facts

  • I had to remake the wings. The first pair were too heavy and I couldn't get them to "lift" up at the tips like I wanted. This set of wings are made out of hula hoops!
  • This corset has 16 panels - not bad for a first corset!
Morrigan Aensland Cosplay Kawaii Besu
Photo by Nelson Seralbo.